Below we offer some of our articles on special conditions.
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Liner 4" c/w seal for 7-P-50
Liner 4.1/2" c/w seal for 7-P-50
Liner 4.1/2" for 8-P-80
Liner 6" c/w gasket for 8-P-80
Liner 6.1/2" c/w gasket for Wirth TPK1600 modif.
Liner 6.1/4" c/w seal for 7-P-50
Liner 6.3/4" c/w gasket for 10-P-130
Pistons & Rubber    
Piston 5" B bonded urethane
Piston 5.1/2" B bonded urethane
Piston 6" B bonded urethane
Piston 6.1/2" L bonded urethane
Piston 5" B supreme
Piston 5.1/2" B supreme
Piston 7" L supreme
Piston Rubber 5.1/2" B supreme
Piston Rubber 6.1/2" L supreme
Piston Rubber 7" L supreme





Miscellaneous parts
Long Sweep Full Flow Cross BW XXS 5" with Certificate
Thrust Nut 2" for Anson swivel
Bearing Collet 3" for Anson swivel
Metal repair kit 5R Float valve
Metal repair kit 5F-6R GC
Rubber repair kit 3F GC
Rubber repair kit 5R
Intermediate link Type C safety clamp
Valve Cover Threaded for Nat. 7P-50
Intermediate Rod for 14P200
Piston Rod clamp for 14P200
Sub Rod for 14P200
Valve guide insert for T1000 Ideco
Packing set, king 1.7/8"
Studbolt with nut 1" x 6.3/4"
16" Seal-O-Grip Union assy
Union 6" Figure 100 TE, Standard with Certificate
Valve insert, special rubber glycol resistant for 14P200
Crossheadrod for 14P200
Bearing nut 2" for Anson Swivel