about us

Holland Stores Oilfield Supply and Services GmbH is operated by a highly dedicated team of decades’ expertise as a mud pump parts specialist in the market for oil and gas industry such as conventional, geothermal and horizontal directional drilling.

Holland Stores OSS was firstly founded in Den Helder, the Netherlands in 1988, by current managing director Mr. Fred W. Koenen and Harry Verswijveren. Den Helder is an important seaport for the offshore activities of the Netherlands, also it have an open connection to the North Sea. The company grew with supplying and providing services to the drilling rigs on the North Sea, and drilling rigs onshore in the Netherlands & Germany. It slowly gained its name in the market through a efficient and professional way of work.

In 2004 the company opened another branch nearby the German-Dutch border, with premises of more than 4300m2 in the industrial area of Gildehaus. Today, most of the experienced staff in the company have about 30 years’ experience in onshore and offshore drilling equipment, especially in the mud pump and HP circulating systems.

Holland Stores Oilfield Supply and Services GmbH specializes itself in providing the “drilling industry” with spare parts needed for mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, Jet-Lube® grease for drill pipes, casing and tubing connections. We also supply the Anson® product line with hammerlog unions, HP equipment and accessories, gate valves, and spare parts. For the solids control equipment we have desilter and desander cones in stock.

Our sales and logistic staff always respond promptly 24/7. We have a large warehouse of comprehensive stock where most of the mud pump expendables and spares parts can be found. Moreover, the company offers specialized customer services such as pump trouble shooting on site, fluid end maintenance and installation, mud pump operation training… etc. And in the service repair department our mechanics repair Mission Magnum® centrifugal pumps.

Knowledge, expertise and teamwork are the key to our success. We are ISO 9001 certified, QA/QC is strictly performed in our daily work. We pursue to supply our customers the best quality and thoughtful services as professionals.